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Hi everyone,

The new VisualSPHysics blender add-on is capable of performing foam simulations. However, i can't get them to work. When I run a simulation, I run partVTK to create files with the particles (fluid particles only). Then I use these created VTK sequence in blender for the foam simulation. When I do the foam simulation though, I only get files of 1kB and when I import the created files as foam object, I don't see any foam appearing.

Am I doing something wrong, or can someone help me figure this thing out:)

Gr Yous


  • Please email Orlando García Feal, main developer of VisualSPHysics:
  • KenKen
    edited November 2018
    I have just started evaluating DualSPHysics for the purpose of generating realistic ship wakes for photorealistic renders. I use Blender for modelling and Cycles/Thea Render for rendering so I am very interested in VisualSPHysics.

    Like the original poster, I also had the same problems with the foam simulation not working. I emailed Orlando and he replied to say that the original pre-compiled Windows addon on Github did not have the latest python script. On 5th November, he updated the addon and also added a tutorial within the Wiki. These can be found on Github. I replaced my addon yesterday (for Windows) with the new one, followed the tutorial, and now it works. I am not sure if other users get notified if there is an update, so I thought I would post this here for information.

    Be aware that the addon loads three files into the Blender addons folder:, vktimporter.pyd and diffuseparticles.pyd. To use the new addon, all three files from the old one have to be removed before attempting to load the new one. Pressing "remove" in the Blender User Preferences will only remove the .py file. The other two have to be removed manually directly in the folder. Otherwise, pressing "Install from File" will only install the new .py file and not overwrite the original .pyd files, and it still won't work. I found out the hard way!
  • That's a great news ! Thanks for the update and tutorial Ken. I'll try this soon.

  • Just to clarify: Orlando did the update and tutorial. I only posted the news about it.
  • bonjour,
    concernant blender 2.8
    peut on mettre le addon pour apprendre le module
  • sorry @damien but we only use english at this forum... so sorry
    so what did you suggest?
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