Restarting multi-phase flow simulation?

Hey guys!

I know the commands and how to restart a single phase DualSPHysics simulation, but it does not seem to work the same way for the multi physics branch of DualSPHysics?

If anyone have gotten it to work (restarting at gpu multi phase sim at specific part number) I would love to see their code. Currently I am using:

%dsphliquidgasgpu% -gpu %dirout%/%name% %diroutdata% -svres -partbegin:46 %olddiroutdata%
if not "%ERRORLEVEL%" == "0" goto fail

But I am being told that "gpu" is not a parameter (which it should be) so I am clearly doing something wrong.

Kind regards


  • edited November 2018

    Unfortunately that feature is not supported in the liquid-sediment branch at this point,
    Updates on this and other features will come online with the next DualSPHysics release.

    Apologies on this,


  • No problem, no need to apologise. Just wanted to be sure, that I wasn't doing something wrong / overlooking something :-)

    Hopefully it is possible to implement in some future release, would make me much more comfortable with longer simulations..

    Kind regards
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