Two-phase with double precision

I tried to use double precision for the sloshing problem in 2D simulation but all fluid particles are out from the tank and when I change to use simple(option 0) for precision it works. I see in the example of two-phase flow, we can use double (option 1) for the sloshing problem. Thanks for any help or comment about this matter



  • GenCase4 v4.0.068 (27-04-2018)
    OmpThreads: 16

    List: MAIN

    Total operations: 49
    [LoadXML-End time:0.008s]

    Mk size: 1 bytes
    Case limits: (0.18,-1,-0.2) - (0.18,1,0.5)
    Distance between points: 0.0008
    Case domain: (0,0,0)-(0,2499,873)
    Domain points: 1 x 2500 x 874 = 2185000
    Case parts: 1 x 874z
    Memory: 0.00Gb 2.08Mb (2185000)

    > MAIN

    *** Exception (JVtkPolyData::LoadFileVtk)
    Text: Cannot open the file.
    File: TANK.vtk

    Execution aborted
  • Hi sergey, did you have the same problem? if you want to try my case here's my vtk. file


  • Try using a instead vtk file to to describe the geometry of the tank

  • Try using a drawprism instead vtk file to to describe the geometry of the tank
  • Thanks, sergey for the suggestion but finally, I prefer to using precision simple than double.
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