Constrained Motion

edited May 2018 in DualSPHysics v4.2
In a 2D simulation of a floating body, How can I fix the body in the x direction?
In other words, how can I restrict the sway motion?


  • You have to modify the source code
    You can also play with unrealistic values of the center of gravity, but the best option is to cancel forces in X direction acting on the floating body

  • Thanks Alex!
    1) Is there any easier solution instead of modifying the code?
    2) How the inertia matrix (v11, v12, ..., v33) is computed?
  • the inertia can be defined by the user...
    ... see the output XML (or CaseTemplate) to check the format

    center x="Ixx" y="Iyy" z="Izz" units_comment="metres (m)"
  • But if we do not define the inertia, the Gencase will compute it.
    I want to know the formulas of the inertia to check it.
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