Calculate a particle position in time

Hello everyone,

I am validating dam break 2d case in DualSHPhysics v.4.0. My question is how to calculate the position of a particle and its variation of its position in time ?.

I studied the user guide, and with the MeasureTool tool it is possible to calculate "positions". I created the .txt file with the point I want to track its position in time, but it throws the same value at each moment.

Could you help me with this?

the line of code that I used is

MeasureTool4_win64 -points Points.txt -dirin all_out -onlytype: all, + fluid -height -savecsv all_out / Height

Thanks for help me!

p.s. sorry for my english


  • you are confused...

    - position of a particle: means to compute the trajectory! you can use PartVTK with -onlyid:XXX

    - measuretool will compute values such as velocity or pressure at given point using information from the fluid or you can compute surface elevation using -height at a given X,Y values

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    very much thanks,

    but i still have same question.

    use PartVtk with "onlyid", but I need to know the id of a particle that is the one that I want to follow its trajectory, how do I determine its id?
  • There is probably a more sensible way to do it, but one thing you could try is to use the "Threshold" filter in Paraview, and then in the Properties tab, set the Scalars field to "Idp" and then adjust the Minimum and Maximum until you have the particle of interest.
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