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Hi all,
I would like to thank the developers for giving us such an amazing software! I am trying to simulate an earthquake generated tsunami and study its inundation characteristics. I have read that a tsunami when near a coastline is governed by a non linear shallow water wave equation. Does the 'casewavemaker' example incorporate the above mentioned? If not, how do I generate a tsunami of such nature? Hoping to hear from you all soon.


  • The "XML_v4.0_GUIDE.pdf" explains the possibilities for automatic wave generation in wave paddles. They are limited to regular (1st and 2nd order) and irregular (Jonswap or Pierson-Moskowitz). The problem is that Jonswap and Pierson-Moskowitz are wind generated wave spectra, not applicable to seismic movements.

    I have performed seismic induced water movements defining motion of the boundaries by means of a xml delaration in a case definition file pointing to an external file by mneans of a statement. The external files contained positions of boundaries at each time step.

    Take in account that for real simulations, the motion file have to be obtained from an accelerogram consistent with a Seismic Response Spectrum (SRS). And this is not so simple. You can search for SIMQKE that is a usual tool to perform it. I myself had to be assisted by a skilled seismic design engineer.

    For entertainment, you can use the automatic wave generation. Tsunami will look as spectacular as a real one!

    Hope this help!
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