Good choice of viscosity values for simulating water?

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Most of the parameters in the various example case definition XMLs are fairly consistent but the viscosity seems to vary quite a bit. When I look up values for the viscosity of water I find roughly 0.01 Stoke but the values in the examples range from much less than this to much higher. Are these differences just to illustrate the effects of running with different viscosity values or is there more to it?

I'm trying to simulate water on the scale of centimeters so what I would really like to know is what parameters I should run with to accomplish that. Is a value of 0.01 the proper choice? If any other parameters should be changed for smaller scale simulations then it would be awesome to get some input on that as well.


  • It depends on the Reynolds number (Re). And for Re greater than 2000 it also depends on the boundaries roughness. Look at a Moody chart and make trials with simplified geometry.
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