File of the particles was not found

During simulation with fine particles, more than 100 million particles corresponding to 4-5GB of an initial state of particles file (Case.bi4) which GENCASE generated, the error following appeared, and the simulation will be stopped, even though the file exists in Case_out.

*** Exception (JPartsLoad4::LoadParticles)
Text: File of the particles was not found.
File: Case_out/Case.bi4

I think the error could be related with following functions.


I’m not familiar with state function in FileType, however, when run simulation with a lot of particles, FileType would be return the value which is not equal to 2, thus FileExists would be return False value and the error, “File of the particles was not found”, occurred.

So I modified the related code as following and I'm done with the simulation without the error.


However, Post processing tool stopped due to the same reasons above.

It would be very appreciated if developers could modify the bug and enable us to rum simulation and Post-processing tool with a lot of particles.

Many thanks
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