Best GPU for performance?

Hello guys

So I've been reading a bit on the forum trying to figure out the best GPU available right now. I've especially been reading this post;

And it seems to me that the most important specs are CUDA cores and Clock Speed. From this observation I wondered, do anyone know whether 1080 Ti or 2080 Ti is best for DualSPHYsics?

Spec wise it seems that the clock was lowered about 100 MHz in 2080 Ti compared with 1080 Ti, while the number of CUDA cores was increased by about 900?

I assume a 2080 Ti would be faster, even with lesser clock speed?

The dream is of course the day DualSPHysics hopefully can do multi GPU, but for now I just want to know about the best single GPU option, and for me it seems to be 2080 Ti?

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  • Hi,
    If I understood correctly, what's important is the computatoinal speed of your GPU !
    Speed = 2 x NbCores x ClockSpeed

    generally speeking the computational speed is already calculated for you in this Wiki article:
    look at column "Processing power (GFlops) - Single precision"

    1080ti = 11339 Gflops at boost speed
    2080ti = 13447 GFlops at boost

    However, those are calculated with the clock speed set by NVidia. GPU can be overclocked (clock speed set higher). Overclocking by yourself is possible but is tricky and potentialy void your waranty. But a lot of retailers offers overclocked GPUs.
    For example, one of the GPU I use is a 1080ti that run at 14515 GFlops. Clock speed are generally given in the details of the stores so you can compare.

    Also, there it seems that there are not a lot of 1080ti still available for purchase nowadays (except if you look at second handed cards).

    About the 2080ti, you can surely found some with good overclocking ! I wonder if DualSPHysics can have a use for the extra not CUDA cores that are present in this 20-series.

    "Multi-GPU + variable resolution" are going to be game changers !

    Best regards
  • Thansk for your comment! It seems like there is about 15-20% performance boost choosing 2080 Ti over 1080 Ti then in best realistic case. Not useless, but had hoped for a tad more, but thanks for explaining it in depth

    I agree with you, when multi-gpu and variable resolution hopefully arrives, SPH will be a lot more useful for practical applications. Currently I am quite limited by the fact that I can't use different resolutions, so there are some practical problems which aren't quite feasible to solve using SPH unfortunately.

    Kind regards
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