ploting velocity vector on paraview

Hi. I am modelling a 2D wave flume with waves and I have extracted vtk of fluid particles. I would like to know how to plot velocity vectors?


  • This is sorted now. Need to go to filters-->glyphs and then change scale and aspect to suit
  • Thanks for posting your solution !
  • @Jvaz thanks for the explanation! Just wondering, did you ever manage to plot the velocity vector and let the colouring be done by the magnitude?

    I can get the velocity vectors, but I can't use scalar mapping to colour the vectors, since Vel is a vector..

    Kind regards
  • Hi @Asalih3d,

    To map the values of the scalar components to the Glyph, you can cycle through the various components in the Toolbar:

    The orientation and scale factor remain bound to the vector, but you can at least have the color values reflect the magnitude of the scalar components. Hope this helps!
  • Thank you - your plot looks stunning by the way :-)
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