Project Chrono Coupling - Fluid - Non linear Structural Analysis


With the recent update of DualSPHysics to couple with Project Chrono, I was wondering if anyone has come across or completed a Fluid-Structure Interaction case where the structural materials act as elastic / plastic bodies instead of rigid. Ideally, I would want to like to simulate non-linear structural response due to wave impacts, where the hydrodynamic forcing factor is influenced by the structural response.

Thank you for your time!


  • Maybe you could play with FlexibleGate example under examples/chrono.
  • Note that the example Flexible gate, is not elastic, instead it is a set of rigid bodies connected with hinges - just before anyone gets their hopes too high :-)

  • @Asalih3d right but presumably for that example the blocks themselves are rigid bodies but the hinges have a rotational stiffness and damping, so you would hope that you could assign those properties to the blocks themselves... Looks like I may have some further digging to do!
  • Looking forward to hearing if you find out something neat :-)
  • Perhaps the name is not the most correct.... FlexibleGate but if you read the description in: i) youtube, ii) pdf of the examples, iii) wiki
    You can find that:
    "2-D flexible gate is emulated by linking rigid blocks with a series of hinges, with rotational rigidity "
  • @Alex are you hinting at that block themselves cannot be modeled with rigidity (as of yet?) but rather only connections between blocks?
  • Dear Pjoynt,

    Your question is a good and pertinent one. As mentioned in the replies above, the functionality that you're after, using SPH to simulate elastic-plastic continua with fluid-structure interaction, does not yet exist in DualSPHysics or in Chrono. The reasons being that the theory behind this is just beginning to develop properly (see Khayyer et al. 2018

    At this year's annual international workshop on SPH, SPHERIC 2019 in Exeter, one of our team, O'Connor et al. will present a combined fluid-flexible-structure interaction model in DualSPHysics using a total Lagrangian formalism for the structure and conventional weakly-compressible SPH (WCSPH) for the fluid.

    This answers your question, that it is in development in DualSPHysics. Until then, you can try the suggestions above and use multiple rigid elements in Chrono to approximate a flexible structure.

    I hope this helps,
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