how to get the shape of the wave?

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hello everyone

I am simulating a rigid body impact water , i want to get the surface evalution,so i use the isosurface and measuretool(Height)

In the picture ,line is the slice and points are data of height (I define many points in measuretool)

I can underdtand that the height from measuretool are a little lower than the position of slice, but when the wave is going to roll, which is the ture surface and how can i get the shape of the wave?

And sometimes measuretool can't catch the height of splashed water in figure 2,why?
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  • When MeasureTool computes free surface elevation, the code computes values of "mass" the points (different Z positions) defined in the columns X,Y. So when value of 0.5*mass_reference is achieved, that Zposition is assumed as free surface elevation.... and the code "stops" therefore ONLY one value is obtained for each X,Y column!

  • Thank you, Alex

    Is the code start calculating at maximum Z positions defined in the columns X,Y ? or the minimum

    Best regards
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    The code starts from low Z positions and goes UP.
    It computes weigthed values of mass at each Z-node:
    1) first, it will detect mass of a node higher than 0.5*mass of a fluid particle
    2) when it detects again mass of a node lower than 0.5*mass of a fluid particle... that Z-node will be save as free surface elevation

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