Mks of inlets

In simulation with multiple inlets, is it possible to assign specific mks to each inlets ?
I've tried using, with two differents inlets with two mks

But when exporting particles, all the fluid particles have the same mk.

It could be usefull to distinguish particles depending of their inlet.

Also, It could be a nice idea to pilot inlet with flow conditions in addition to velocity. This way it is not dependant of the number of particles of the inlet and the dp. (a bit like massbody, is more usefull than density for floatings).



  • @TPouzol
    Could you posted the codes of your model?
  • Have you seen the example in "inletoutlet" which is called 06_Box4Inlet3D. I think they do what you want there, by assigning different mk:

  • No, This allow to create multiple inlets from different sets of particles,
    But in the end all fluids particles ends with the mk=0,
    I've tried changing the .bat file for the particles export, adding ",+mk" as variable
    it makes no difference
  • Ah I see, finally got what you wanted - sorry I don't think it is possible as of now then if that doesn't work..

    This would be very nice if someone was simulating some kind of mixing process etc. so I hope it gets added in the future. Consider making a suggestion in a post or on Github.
  • Follow this example since it allows you to do what you need:
  • @Alex I may be missing something... I've run the example already, and added "+mk" in the vars of the particle export. But still all fluid particle are assigned mk=0 in paraview (see below). I've also tried to add the onlymk command, and it confirms that all fuild particles have the 0 mk.
    What I would want is to distinguish which particle came from which inlet (see below)


  • It seems that it is a problem in the post-processing tool... in PartVTK

    However when executing GenCase everything looks fine:

    1) If you can open "CaseBox4Inlet3D.xml":
    fluid mkfluid="0" mk="1" begin="12564" count="117"
    fluid mkfluid="1" mk="2" begin="12681" count="117"
    fluid mkfluid="2" mk="3" begin="12798" count="117"
    fluid mkfluid="3" mk="4" begin="12915" count="117"
    2) If you plot CaseBox4Inlet3D_Fluid.vtk in Paraview you can note that check that there are 4 different MK values for the four fluid inlets....

    We will check it


  • @Alex Thanks ! Yeah you are absolutly right (no surprise there !).
    the run.out reads "Fluid....: 468 id:(12564-13031) MKs:4 (1-4)", and the fluid.vtk is correct also.
    Have you any idea when this can be fixed ?

  • Discussing here with Jose... he explains to me that:

    1) all particles created in the buffers inlet/outlet do not belong to any initial "mk" that is why the post-processing tools will assign mk=0

    2) can you identify the particles created in inlet/outlet?
    No following the current implementation....

    We will work on that for next release

  • @Alex Thanks for your quick answer !! looking forward to have this option.
    Best regards.
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