How to make a thick Boundary Box

May I know how to make a thick-walled box with controllable thickness?


  • minimum thickness will be ONE dp... and to do that you can create a box by defining only one of the faces... as shown in XML_GUIDE_v4.4.pdf: page 36

    other option is to create a box of width=dp
  • I would like to know the option to set box wall thickness = 10*dp
  • I'm not sure the option exist
    One quick way to do it would be to create two boxes one inside the other, the faces being spaced as you want (i.e. 10dp), and then to fill the space in between

    Good day
  • You can use drawbox but using "size" as 10*dp in the direction you want
    I do not see where is the problem
  • That will only draw a hollow box or a full filled box. But I want to create a hollow box with a thick wall (>2*dp thickness).
  • I found a way. Make each wall separately as a fully filled box and put it under the same MK value.
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