Fluid particles fall down by the gravity in a closed volume

edited April 25 in DualSPHysics v4.4
Dear developers and users of the DualSPHysics,

Would you be so kind to point out parameters in the XML file, which are responsible for a constant density of the fluid in the simulated volume?

I try to run a modified version of a Pump example.
In my case it has no void space in the volume with fluid. The closed container, the fluid, and the turbine are imported as STL files.
When the simulation starts, it looks like all the evenly distributed particles in the volume fall down to the gravity direction, and create a much smaller volume of the fluid, which then interacts with a moving turbine.

I tried a smaller distance between the particles of the water: 0.0005 m and 0.0008 m instead of 0.004 m in the original Pump example. Both 0.0005 m and 0.0008 m had the same effect. I didn't run the original pump example, as my Nvidia GPU is not so fast for that.

May that change of the distance between the fluid particles be the reason?

I attach the idp Paraview animation frames in the beginning, shortly after start, and in the end of the simulation.

Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to upload the xml file of the simulation.

Please, help me with this, if you know how to change such engine behavior.


  • Insert code as pictures, it is not visible right now:

  • @aliale
    I think you can try to genrate fluid particles using other ways ,not the stl, and try again.
  • Thanks a lot for your advice, dong. I will do it and then will upload the code, if that won't work.
  • STL files only contains information in the faces of the object, so fluid particles will be only created in "face" mode.

    However fluid particles are suggeste to be created using "drawbox" of "fillbox"

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