Size of data is invailid

I am simulating a casting case with 183754870 fluid particles and it raises an error during DualSPHysics process saying ''Text: Size of data is invalid."

How to fix this issue?


  • Do you really have 183 million particles?
  • Yes, I know its too much. I ran it on Tesla K80, so I thought it could run. Is there a limit ?
    If there is then whats the limit for number of fluid particles?
  • It is way too much for a Tesla.. I would be impressed if it was possible, they had to use 64 GPU's to do one billion:

  • I thought DualSPH cant run with Parallel GPU?
  • @Asalih3d Can you tell me how to run a simulation with DualSPHysics on a parallel GPU ?
  • It cannot, only their development version can, the official cannot.
  • The online version of the code runs only on one GPU.
    So the number of particles you can simulate depends on the memory size of the GPU...

  • @Alex So what can be the domain points limit (calculated by GenCase) for official DualSPHysics version ?
    For Tesla K80, 61 Gb ram, 8 Gb graphics
  • The size of information for each particles depends on the options and parameters you choose for the simulation... But maximum shoud be around 10ths of millions
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