How to Store Redrawn MK in SHAPEOUT vtk?

Following the example from RedrawComplex.xml and the REDRAW section of XML_GUIDE_v4.4.pdf, I am redrawing the top of a prism (mk=51) with a new mk (mk=52):

<setshapemode>actual | bound</setshapemode>
<setdrawmode mode="full" />

<setmkbound mk="51" />
<point x="0.5" y="0.05" z="0.0" />
<point x="0.5" y="2.05" z="0.0" />
<point x="2.5" y="2.05" z="0.0" />
<point x="2.5" y="0.05" z="0.0" />
<point x="1.4" y="1.0" z="2.0" />
<point x="1.4" y="1.1" z="2.0" />
<point x="1.6" y="1.1" z="2.0" />
<point x="1.6" y="1.0" z="2.0" />

<setmkbound mk="52" />
<redrawbox mkbound="51">
<point x="0" y="0" z="1.5" />
<size x="3.5" y="3.5" z="1.5" />

<shapeout file="" reset="true" />

The change in mk at the top of the prism is reflected in Case_Bound.vtk, but not in Case_Actual.vtk, and as such, I cannot get the top (where mk=52) to be treated as a separate floating/DEM/chrono object.

Is there a way to include the redrawn mk value in the object vtk file (Case_Actual.vtk)?

#redraw #shapeout #mk #gencase


  • Only when you draw a geometry (boxes, prisms, triangles...)... that geometry is in Case_Dp and Case_Actual.
    The result of oher operations such as redraw or fillbox are not shown in those files _Dp and _Actual.

  • Many thanks, Alex! Since I suspect this is something others might want to do either now or in the future, I'll find a workaround and will post it here.

    If I can't accomplish it via GenCase <list> operations, I have a series of Python codes for manipulating CaseXML, and one of them should do the trick. At some point I'd like to organize the codes I use to manipulate CaseXML beyond what is practical to do with GenCase, and I'll share them with the forum users via a GitHub repository.
  • That would be amazing...
    Jose and Orlando can help you with that

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