3D In-Out Buffer zone

edited April 14 in DualSPHysics v4.4
Hello all,

I'm trying to create buffer regions for inlet and outlet of a 3D pipe. First of all, is v4.4 capable of doing that?

I modified the cases in examples/inout, read the pdf in doc/others and looked at wiki page.
In CaseBox4Inlet3D, buffer layers are simply rectangles since size in one axis is specified as zero. But, when I try that to create cylinder with zero thickness(circle) I get the following error

If I create a cylinder and make it a fluid (mkfluid=x), and use

zone3d comment="Input zone for 3-D simulations"
particles mkfluid="x" direction="right"

I get the following error

When I try to create 3D buffer zone like in CaseShapesInlet3D, although I am pretty sure that I'm using right coordinates, it tells me that the buffer layer is outside the domain limits.

I thought maybe it was the radius of the buffer zone, so I tried it with a smaller radius then I get the following error

I am really confused. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


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