Suggestion: Redraw fluid after initial rotation

Hey guys and just tagging you here @Alex

I just want to know if there is any fix for this. So I've seen the new XML guide (which is wonderful btw!) and been trying to do this:

This works, but I have a problem that my fluid particle discretization is not sufficient anymore since the solid object (rectangle in this case) has been rotated and therefore now overlaps the fluid.

White space is original position of rectangle. My question is then how do I update the fluid particles, currently they are overlapping the fixed rectangle. I've tried using redraw, but it seems like initials are done after mainlist in some sense, because redrawing does not work.

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  • Running the simulation the particles "adapt", but some particles become stuck in no mans land which can lead to numerical errors.

    dss2.PNG 145.5K
  • We are still working on a filling algorithm that takes into account the rotation... But now it is not possible....
    The available rotation will move boundary particles to the desirable positions independently on the nodes of the 3-D lattice where we initially create particles ... However filling algorithm still works using those nodes of 3-D cubic lattice

  • Ah okay, bummer, looking forward to when it works, will be a huge upgrade.

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