Water mill simulation frozen at step 591

I changed the length of the water mill simulation to run at 15 seconds instead of 5, with a projected simulation time of about 3 days on my GTX 750 TI. However, it appears to have frozen after completing step 590, without ending, and without any GPU activity going on, or processor activity directed towards it. It hasn't ended though, and run.out doesn't give away any more information either. There don't appear to be any error messages outstanding that I can see either. Where else can I look to work out what's going on? Or, why things aren't going on? Has anyone encountered something like this before?

I'm running the Windows GPU version, and I can't see evidence of any hardware or software problems that might interfere - I was running GPU-Z to monitor activity of the graphics card and the temperatures; fan speed, temperature and memory used were all well within maximum parameters, and I'm using the same PC as I type this which is behaving normally, yet the simulation is frozen.



  • If no errors appear on your GPU, you should run it again to check if it will stop again in the same step.
    Other resason can be that your hard disk is full and there is no space to write in memory.

  • Well, there's 121Gb free, so I don't think it's that. I'll run it again and see what it does
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