Boundary Gap fixed in V4.4?

Noted that V4.4 is coming, Just to confirm, will the Boundary Gap (between floating and fluid) be fixed in this upcoming version?


  • In the v4.3 (beta version for v4.4) it was only possible to do on fixed or moving bodies - floatings were still not possible, and I think it was with the issue with generating the correct normal vector for a set of particles. Maybe it has been fixed, I do not know, but for the beta version it was not possible.

    Kind regards
  • No, "the correction for DBC" will not be finished for this v4.4
    We are still working on that to make it general for more complex cases and for floatings
    So that will be included in v4.6 ;)
  • @Alex nice to hear, it keeps becoming better and better - when hopefully more people use SPH in the future and they see DualSPHysics it will hopefully be one of the first choices :-)
  • Thanks, we do our best.
    Working and preparing a release (code, documentation, examples, guides...) is a lot a lot a lot of work....

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