designsphysics is different form dualsphysics

hello,thanks for the designsphysics,the GUI is friendly for users.
but when i test a dambreak case,i found that the pressure and force exist some different compared using xml and bat with same parameters.
is that normal?


  • Please remove your previous messages and include the XML pieces as images

  • sorry i can‘t remove the previous message。i find that designsphysics not have the parameter “+kcorr -kcusedummy -kclimit”,maybe this is the reason。what’s more,the tank in the freecad:where the thickness of wall is 1 mm
    and in dualsphysics,the code for tank like this
    this is another different。

    2.PNG 24.6K
    3.PNG 7.4K
  • Yes, the main difference is that in FREECAD, the objects can only be created with the predefined options of the software...
    However you can always save as STL or VTK the geo created with other software and load the same in DesignSPHysics (import STL) and in GenCase.

    About the options in the post-processing tools, we have added in the menu sthg called "additional parameters" where you can write: “+kcorr -kcusedummy -kclimit” to obtain same results

  • @juner
    Where can I get the code of Designsphysics?
    Thanks a lot
  • thanks very much, Alex. i wii try it.
    and you can get the designshysics from

  • @juner Thanks a lot.
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