chaos moving of fluid particles in 3d model

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hi i simulate a tank of water in 3d model in case DEM but when i run case and see my simulation the fluid particles have chaos movement & i dont know why!
i working in 3D model recently and i cant realize this problem. i use laminar+sps viscosity in my model.

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  • It is because you have not activated delta-SPH scheme. Because of this you get some density fluctuations which lead to chaotic movement and finally unstability. If you want to know more read Dalrymple 2004.

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  • Dear @Asalih3d in my simulation DELTASPH=0.1 and when i use artificial viscosity this problem would be solved but when use laminar+sps and v=0.000001 problem occur. are you sure this problem relevant to deltasph term?
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  • In my case, delta-SPH has played a huge role in stabilizing SPS-LES simulations since they handle the artificial density increase due to SPS-LES. Another parameter would be the number of particles, what happens if you decrease and increase the amount of particles?

    A good test is always to try the artifical scheme and see if it is stable in that and then try fine tuning the laminar+sps scheme afterwards.

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  • Laminar viscosity + SPS turbulence model should be used only in the case of simulating a laminar flow and with a very high resolution... If not, it is recommend to use artificial viscosity where you can obtain more stable simulations.
    Alpha=0.01 is recommended for wave tanks.

  • @Asalih3d Thanks For Your Advice I try your Idea.
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    Dear @Alex What do you mean about High Resolution? Because The Size Of Domain Relevent To Dp and When Create Small Domain actually use smaller dp. in my simulation dp=0.005 and size of domain x=0.5 m y=0.040 z=0.06? and when run 2D simulation with Laminar+SPS this chaotic movement very decrease!!! Why?

  • Dear @Alex I Increase The Y direction(double of last simulation -> y=0.080) & this problem is fix, is there any relation between this problem and resolution?
  • SPS means Sub-Particle Scale model so that this model only solves turbulence at a very small scale
  • @Alex Thanks Dear Professor
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