Question regarding "proof reading"

Greetings everybody,

I have a weird question and do not know if it is proper. I'm doing my Master thesis (Chemical Engineering) in modelling confined pipe flow, using DualSPHysics. Since I'm mostly focussed on applying SPH (DualSPHysics) my understanding of the theory is somewhat weak. My department has close to nobody who knows SPH well, which leads me to my question. Would somebody be willing to quickly check my theory chapter and whether I made substantial mistakes?

If this is not allowed here, I will remove this discussion (if possible).

Additionally, would there be any interest in my finished thesis? It might provide an insight in how (a non-versed) individual progresses using SPH (DualSPHysics). If once again not allowed, I will remove this question.

Kind regards,


  • Hello Bladomas1

    If you are able to upload as pdf, it could be fun to check it through. My understanding might not be the best either, but I should hopefully be able to spot if something is blatantly wrong. Also I have used a lot of DualSPHysics so if your theory consists mostly of DualSPHysics SPH it should be easier for me to correct.

    Kind regards
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