Seepage simulation with DualSPHysics

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Hi guys:
These days I want to make a simulation about seepage.
I generate some sphere flaotings with gaps with each other and set a inlet boundary with water flowing to the floatings.
But the fluid particles can not flow into the gaps. I think the problem is relative to the value of diameter/dp and the smooting length(coefh).
So now I am interested in the possibility of seepage simulation. Is there some papers about seepage with SPH ? Is there anyone have tried to make some similar simulaton?

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  • hi Dong,your model is 2D or 3D? if model is 2D, I think Dynamic boundary condition of interaction fluid and sphere(floating object) create this problem, you can increase the gap between the floating and keep fixed them in all time of simulation because falling the floating object in their weight in 2d model may be create this problem, and in other paper i saw that seepage simulation create with porous media section,but the code of porous media need implement in open source dualsphysics code by yourself for read more about it you can read this paper."Improved SPH simulation of wave motions and turbulent flows through
    porous media by bing ren" and "Multiphase SPH modeling of free surface flow in porous media
    with variable porosity by chong peng"
    best regards.
  • @mtmtmt
    My model is 3D. Thanks for your reply and I will read the two papers firstly.
    Hope for more communication

    Best wishes
  • dear Dong ,your welcome.
    best wishes
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