inletOutlet particle resolution

I'm playing with examples/inletoutlet/1_FlowCylinder and when I increase the particle spacing I get the following error

If I keep the dp the same but increase the number of in/out layers, I get the following error

But, I get no errors if I use extapolated velocity(mode=2) and choose hydrostatic option for the density( mode=1).


  • Have you tried using the fixed domain command and slightly increase the domain in each side? It has helped for me earlier.

    Kind regards
  • I've played with inlet-oulet as well, It definitely is a case of particle outside of domain (as stated in the error), you should mak sure that the buffer of the inlet is inside the domain after gencase. try this :
  • So, on a x-z plane with x pointing right, the buffer layer particles are created in -x direction.

    @Asalih3d Is the fixed domain same as useboxlimit?

  • Using the given dimensions in CaseFlowCylinder creates the following domain

    But, when I change the dimensions and create a smaller domain, I only get the buffer layers.

    Does the command "void" create a reserved space for fluid particles which is void? If this is the case, how am I getting an area filled with particles when I use the given dimensions? Or am I missing something?

    Thank you so much.
  • I think you got fillbox wrong.

    check the xml guide please !
    You just defined a box starting at x=0, with size of 0.3 ! and you want it to be filled starting from the point at x=1... this point is outside your box ! so no particle are created.

    Also, I'll avoid having the fillpoint on the domain limit (first lign of the fillbox)
    so change x="1" to x="0.9"

    "void" does not reserve space ! it just a way of telling the program "Put particles in this box starting from this point, as long as the space is void (no particle already in it).

    Good day
  • Oh, for some reason I did not think it was the filling algorithm and I thought x=1 specifies the direction.
    It works now thank you.

    Have a good day!
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