Density Reinitialization and Kernel Renormalization

I don't know if dualsphysics have Density Reinitialization and Kernel Renormalization,because I found that sphysics's guide document has Density Reinitialization and Kernel Renormalization.If dualsphysics don't have these two terms,why don't we take it into account?


  • Hello cube

    DualSPHysics used to employ a Shepherds filters (my spelling might be wrong) which was used to correct for density - it was computationally expensive and has since been discontinued. Instead the delta-SPH scheme has been implemented which corrects for the density.

    I guess that with kernel renormalization you mean that at boundaries, because of lack of particles, the kernels have to be renormalized - as far as I know DualSPHysics do not correct for this, but I would like to be corrected.

    Kind regards, maybe you can dig deeper into the wiki/forum and find out
  • thanks for your reply!
  • density renormalization has been replaced by the more accurate delta-SPH:
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