Define a group of particles out of a bigger group of particles


Let's say we have initial set of particles. How would we we assign different mk to some of those particles?

So, if I have N number of particles initially (mk=1) , I want let's say 10% of those particles(randomly selected) to have mk=2.

Could someone point out the direction I should follow?

Thank you.


  • This is not possible, unless you use your own particle generator and find a way to upload your particle distribution to the DualSPHysics program. I hope that someone from DualSPHysics team will produce a video about how to, but for now you can play around in the code and look in "ToVTK" to find examples of how to do.

    Kind regards
  • What would be the purposes of this random distinction ?
  • Let's say we have a plate and a region on the plate that attracts those sub-group of particles and I want to observe how those particles accumulate around that region.
  • OK thanks. No solution for you, sorry
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