Floating body pivoted at one point


I am a fairly new user to DualSPHysics and was trying to simulate a case with a turbine rotating due to a draft of air. Is there any way to define a floating body such that it is fixed about one point and is constrained to rotate about it?

Any guidance would be really helpful.




  • Hello Saarang

    In the current version of DualSPHysics 4.2 it is not possible to lock it as you wish, without drawing the mechanical constraint it self. In the next version (which is in beta now) it will be possible to do as you want.

    If you know your way around code, you might be able to change something in DualSPHysics code, which makes it so that translation of a floating body will not be calculated, so it will stay fixed in place - else you will have to wait.

    Kind regards
  • @sgaggar if you really need that, please contact with dualsphysics@gmail.com and we can give you access to v4.3 that includes coupling with Chrono that solves mechanical constraints

    however, we are now working on the release of v4.4 that will be the official release including the new functionalities of the beta version 4.3

  • Dear @Asalih3d : Thank you for your suggestions. I tried drawing a fixed mechanical constraint with a solid cylinder and defined the turbine shape around it as a floating body. But when I tried running the case, the floating body, well, just floated away with the fluid. I tried the same with STL files as well, for the constraint as well as the turbine blades but that didn't work out either.

    @Alex : Sir, thank you for your prompt response. I have sent you an email for the same. It would be really helpful if I could gain access to the new version.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,

  • @sgaggar if it just floated away it was properly not locked sufficiently, but if you could get your hands on the beta, it would be so much better for this application and less trouble :-)

    Kind regards
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