Measuring Movement of Floating Object in Modified Case DEM

Hello everyone, My Name is Mumtaz I'm new to this DualSPHysics. Recently I'm working on Case DEM modification. I put a Dam break with floating object.

I just found out that I can measure the movement of the Floating object using the FloatingInfo tools. I took the line codes of FLoatingInfo from *.bat file in Sample Case of CaseFloating folder:

"%floatinginfo% -filexml %dirout%/%name%.xml -onlymk:51 -savemotion -savedata %dirout%/FloatingMotion"

But after I modified the *.bat file, It says "Exception: Error: There are not selected floatings" - like in the attachment. What's wrong with my code? Is there any other way to measure the displacement of a floating object?

Thanks a lot :)
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  • You assume that your floating object has mk=51 (-onlymk:51)
    but please check your output Case.xml where you can read after "parameters" section the mk of the floating particles

  • As Alex said, go check the generated xml file after a study has been run. Usually you will have to take your original mk value and add 11 (default of DualSPHysics), so in reality your mk should be 62. But go check your file, you will always find it there.

    Kind regards
  • Thank You very much for the help Mr. Alex and Asalih3d it works like charm :) . After I look into the.xml file and change the MK Value to 62 there is no error anymore...

    Best regards,
  • note that if mkbound=51, then final mk=62
    since you should follow the rule: mk=mkbound+11
    This is because the first 11 labels are reserved for different 11 fluid objects since we want finally a unique list of "mk"

  • Well-Noted Professor Alex! At the first time I didn't know the rules about the mk. Thanks once again :)

    Best Regards,
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