Request for the forum to be switched to HTTPS

I didn't know in which category to post this request, so I went with the "conduct online", since it's the closest to this topic.

Given that we have to log into the forum, my request is that the forum here is provided via HTTPS instead of conventional HTTP.

The necessary SSL credentials can nowadays be obtained for free from here: - although it does require regular updates (every 3 months of so), but said updates can be automated, depending on the back-office you're using.


  • Dear wyldckat,

    Thanks for your suggestion! Now we have moved the entire site to https to make it more secure.

    Best regards.
  • Well explained @wyldckat and thanks to DualSPHysics team for doing it - now I wont get frustrated by Google warning me of "potential hacks" and trying to scare me away from SPH :-)
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