MeasureTool - heights, doesn't work

I have a problem adjustung the measuretool correctly.
In my case z is the high.

19.7 0 -0.1
0 0 -0.01
1 1 150
This is my pointlist.

The command line to run Measuretool including parameters:
MeasureTool4_linux64 -points 11_PointsHeights.txt -onlytype:-all,+fluid -height -savevtk PointsHeights -savecsv _PointsHeight

The results schoud be zero in the beginning and then rise until about -0.8. But the result was -1.59 over every timestep.
Can someone tell me where I made a mistake
Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    I'm not quite sure you can define negative increment.
    Check the doc or just test it straight.

    Good day
  • I think you should correct your pointlist . The second line should be the value of dp
  • Pointlist
    InitialX InitialY InitialZ
    StepX StepY StepZ
    NpointsX NpointsY NpointsZ

    so Step should be always positive and much lower than "dp"

    and FinalX=InitialX+StepX*NpointsX
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