Particles Out Error (80% Particles out)

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I am executing a simple casting simulation. Fluid flowing from Reservoir to Mold. During a simulation of this kind, 80% of particles went out (15 mil to 3 mil). I am attaching the xml and stl file of this simulation and also the snap of the alst stage of simulation with Particles Out.

Please can you list out the causes for 'Particle Out Error'


  • Particles are able to leave the domain under three conditions;
    1. They leave the specified domain limits
    2. Their velocity is higher than the specified maximum speed (speedsound)
    3. Their density exceeds the specified range (default 700-1300)
    This are the three conditions which cause this issue, so you will have to play around until you figure out which case causes it. I assume initially that it is because of density fluctuations but you have to read your log/output files to get a clear view of what is causing the particles to leave.

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  • @Alex Can you take a look at the input files?
    As mentioned by @Asalih3d, I checked for those three factors. I checked that domain points accurately indicates the pointmin and pointmax of the stl file. Density also doesnt exceed beyond the range. So it may be the second reason.
  • @swaraj1112 You could rerun the simulation a couple of times and each time change something:
    For case 1: make a face box at the edges of your domain. This will prevent particles exiting your computational domain (they can still exit your structure).
    For case 2: Increase speed of sound for your simulation. Also you can check the .vtk result files for the velocities to confirm whether they are too high.
    For case 3: Check the .vtk files for the density, if they are fine, then you can just in case increase the boundary limits and see if the same amount of particles are removed or less.
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