GenCase - Opensource or not

It seems the GenCase source code is not included in the source pacage. I assume this means that the GenCase is not Opensource. Is this understanding correct?


  • yes, it is
  • Is it possible to make the GenCase opensource in the future? and when it will be opensource if it is on your plan ?
    thanks Alex
  • that is not in our plan because:
    1) GenCase is a program as big as DSPH.. and documentation and guides will take a lot of time to be produced (and we do not have so much time)
    2) even if big code, the functions are very simple and based on only simple ideas to create particles in a 3-D lattice...
    3) any user can create the initial condition with their own software and then translate the initial state of the particles to the format of our initial .bi4 file

  • But we can not explain the .bi4 format,and did not know the exact format..
  • In order to know the format of BI4 you have TWO options:

    1) The code named “ToVtk” is provided to show how to load and interpret particle data, how to read .bi4 files and how to create .vtk or .csv files.

    2) However there are several functions in DualSPHysics source files that you can also follow: BI4 format file is implemented by JPartDataBi4.cpp/h. These files use code implemented in other files like JBinaryData (all included in DualSPHysics package).

  • Alex , thanks for your reply. I try to learn and post my question if I have.
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