dp value for large structure similations

I try to simulate a large structure (4*20*5 meters) falling into water, can i use a large dp value such as dp=0.3meters to get estimated results?

Is there any potential problems for this kind of large dp values? or should i user scaled structures (e.g. 1:10,0.4*2*0.5) for simulation so a smaller dp can be used?


  • If you have experimental results you can try finding the lowest resolution which gives approximate results. Else you will have to try decreasing dp until you reach a convergence criteria you have set.

    I am not sure if scaling would work, since you would also be scaling the water bassin the large structure is falling in, so the amount of particles would be the same anyways.
  • Thanks @Asalih3d, I will do some investigations and find out the accuracy difference against changing of dp and experiment data.
  • I would just suggest using large DP and keeping the original size of the structure. I would choose a DP that offers an acceptable computation time (For 1 day roughly 1 million particles). From there check if it is correct/accurate enough and either increase accuracy or increase the computation time by changing DP.
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