How to implement InletOutlet velocity


I am currently trying to create a domain with open boundaries (v 4.3). However, as soon as I reduce the water depth, the fluid accelerates towards the outlet edge. I have already removed the acceleration in the x-direction and adjusted various parameters (speed, viscosity, dp, ...), but the problem occurs in every simulation.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


  • I forgot to mention that I have to reduce the velocity (0.06 m/s). If I keep the set velocity (2_OpenChannel), the error does not occur.
  • Could you attach the .xml file of your case? I think reading your input file is an easier way to understand your problem
  • if problem is not solved, you can email us to and we can check that
  • The problem already occurs when I greatly reduce the speed in the InletOutlet \ OpenChannel xml file (-90%). The gravity in the flow direction I have set to zero. In addition to the gravity only the viscosity seems to be adjusted in the file, but I have found no value range here, which solves the Problem.

    There seems to be an acceleration to the right boundary.
    Do I have to consider further parameters if I change the flow velocity?
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