Boundary Condition Implementing For DEM Particle

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Hi everyone, I have problem that I want to DEM particle movement but When they face a specific boundary stop. For example in experimental case that I have vertical fluid dam and DEM object when run this case, I can write the code that maintain fluid particle in z<0.2 but DEM Particle Falling down to the bottom of there any way to prevent DEM particles stop falling when they face condition that z<0.2?<img src="" alt="" />

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  • In version 4.2 of DualSPHysics do like this:

    Make a mechanical constraint which limits the movement of your DEM particle. In future releases with project cronos you should be able to do it just by code.

    Kind regards
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    Dear Asalih3d, Thanks for your attention, can you advice me in source code? i want make a constraint that when DEM particle arrive the condition Z<0.2 the velocity of DEM particle be zero and movement of particle stop. but i cant discover Where the position of DEM particles is updated in source-code,can you advice me more?
    thank for your attention
  • in the source code i implement that code for fluid but i cant found where the DEM particle position update ?
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  • @mtmtmt - very nice approach actually - but sorry, I have not spent time in the source code yet - I hope someone with more knowledge might be able to help.
  • I'm Very Thankful For your advice.
    best regards
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