Number Of mk in not valid and use "GenCase4_MkWord_win64"

Hi, When I create my model with case DEM(v_4.2), i have more than 240 objects, i read manual and i found that i should be use "GenCase4_MkWord_win64",but when i turn "GenCase_win64" to "genCase4_mkword_win64" there is no difference and i see the error that"invalid mk value for rank set",what should i do?


  • You have also to modify the limit of MKs in the XML... as it was done in the example: examples\main\14_DEM\CaseManyFloatings_Def.xml


    mkconfig boundcount="65520" fluidcount="10"
    mkorientfluid mk="0" orient="Xyz" /
  • Tnx Dear Alex

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