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Video tutorials for using DualSPHysics, designSPHysics, Introduction to XML and Post-Processing are now available.
See our YouTube playlists in



  • Many thanks Alex,

    I never understood for whom the video guide. Is it for those who can't read?
    It is much more important to have good documentation in pdf.
  • In addition to the documentation this forum is useful.
  • This is awesome! I wish I had these videos when I first started using DualSPHysics about a year ago, would be a huge time saver - also very clear and concise English with most of the basic topics covered will be such a improvement in usability for new users.

    For us who have become a bit more confident in the program I would love if it would be possible to make some more complex situations. For an example a thing I would be very interested in, would be a video showing how I could use my own particle discretizations of an object, since I do not like how DualSPHysics sometimes approximates circles with points etc.

    None the less, a big improvement for new users - don't be deterred if not so many people are watching them yet, they are a great ressource to link to for common beginner problems.

    Kind regards
  • Thanks Asalih3d,
    It's nice to know that all the effort is appreciated. We'll take your suggestions forward for the future.
  • Yes, the tutorials are really cool. Did the floating sphere/sloshing tank example,
    runs absolutely fine with freecad. Postprocessing options (plotting forces) are awesome.
    Some short promotion on (pics will follow):

    I think a lot of people are interested in dualsphysics. But hard stuff needs a lot of patience...
  • Thanks @thschrader for the promotion ;)

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