Total force - viscous force - pressure force


In DualSPHysics I am able to extract the total force using compute forces on a moving object. Is it possible to find out how much of this force is composed of viscous forces and how much is by pressure forces, like in OpenFoam?

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  • Not possible now, but if it is interesting for more people, perhaps we can split it.
  • So, does the cimputeforce calculate the total force?

    How can we separate it? Would you mind please explain or introduce a paper?
  • @Alex thanks for your answer.
    It would be very nice to have it split, since sometimes it is very interesting to see which type of force contributes most - for basic applications it is pretty easy to spot, but for more advanced simulations it would be very beneficial. I have a simple case which I would love to email you if you know a possible "quick and dirty" solution to splitting the forces.

    @amir refer to the user guide page 79 and PostprocessingCalculations_v4.2.pdf. Basically the force is calculated as the momentum the fluid exerts on the boundary wall. NOTE that for FLOATING objects, ONLY the bouyant force is calculated (ie. mass * g is NOT included). Why this is done in this way I do not know, but just to make you aware of it.
  • Yeah, @amir,@Asalih3d, @Alex, it would be very helpful if we can split the contribution part from pressure and the contribution from viscous stress.
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