Fix and Moving Particle In Case DEM

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Hi,I'm Working With CASE_DEM And I need to implement some fixed particle and moving in Floating Object.for example i want when my "FtPause=0" ,"mkbound=50" be a fix while "mkbound=51" start to there anyone to guide me in source code?


  • As far as I know that is not possible, BUT a workaround could be that you make some moving object which holds mkbound 50 in place, while mkbound 51 can move freely. This could be a quick fix (depending on your case), but I hope in the future it would be possible to state Ftpause for individual floatings.

  • Thank you for your comment and guidance
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    is it possible to write a code that DEM particles do not enter the boundary,for example in porous media?
  • i simulate block armor with DEM Particle and Filter and core be consider once rigid and once porous media, when i simulate filter and core with single phase,The porous environment is modeled as water and armor falling down in the porous media. and I want prevent it,is there anyone help for this problem

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