Floating objects with non-uniform density

Hi DSPH developers,

Can DualSPHysics do the simulations of floating objects with non-uniform density? Such as, I have a cylinder, 50 percent of the cylinder is heavier density, while the other part of the cylinder with a lighter density. Right now, it seems that DSPH can only set uniform particles, then the density for the floating objects is uniform.



  • At the moment it can not. Depending on your application you can emulate it, for example by creating voids inside a geometry, at the cost of affecting the inertia tensor.

    Eventually you will be able to by creating two bodies and 'gluing' them using a mechanical restriction using our in-development solver, but that will only give you subsections of homogeneous density also.
  • @RCanelas Thanks a lot. But this may not help solve my problem. Since in my case the floating object is made up of two different materials (one is plastic and the other is steel), so the density of the object is non-homogeneous and creating voids inside a geometry cannot stand for the real object and then cannot give the correct results.
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    I saw Jannik Meyer made a presentation in the 4th workshop with "Physical and numerical simulation of floating bodies with non-homogeneous mass distribution", anyone have the PDF file of his presentation? Thank you very much.
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