Multiphase flow

Greetings DualSPHysics developers and users,

I want to simulate blood in a simple channel flow. I can take the average properties of blood and model that as the liquid. However, I would like to have more accurate representation of reality and thus would like to model blood as a multiphase system.

For example I would like to start simple and model red blood cells and platelets.

I have checked the multiphase example present in DualSPHysics, the Liquidsediment and Liquidgas.

I have a couple of questions;

1. Is it possible to distribute the particles (blood (A), and platelets (B)) perfectly mixed? Or would I need to run the simulation first to allow them to mix (so initialize 2 blocks of fluid).

2. Can the LiquidGas template be used to simulate two liquids?

3. Can I "draw" red blood cells and then run the simulation using those structures as my fluid? So no other liquid is present, or air, only the re blood cell structures which would "flow".

4. Can objects deform due to pressure, and can their deformation be specified before the simulation. For example, red blood cell structure deformation.

I'm not sure if these question have been asked before or can be answered, but any hints or tips would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
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