Restarting a problem including floating body

Hi dear all

I have a problem with restarting a case including a floating body. In this case, it seems that the program can not maintain the information of the floating body. for the restart case included in the "other" folder in "examples", if you look at the floatinginfo files for both cases (_out and _restart_out), for the restart_out case, the heave response at the first instance (Part=100) should be the same of the last instance (Part=100) of previous run (_out folder), but they are not the same and motion is zero for restart case. It seems like the case where the floatingbody is maintained fixed during the first 1 seconds and the motion is started at t=1. How can I overcome this problem?
The excell file of the result is attached.



  • The problem and its sketch is not clear.
    Please draw a simple sketch and also upload the xml file.
  • Dear Amir

    I think it is not related to XML file. meanwhile, the XML is located in exmaples/others/restart. If you run that case and check that two files located in CaseOpenFtMove_out/floatinginfo/FloatingMotion_mk13 and CaseOpenFtMove_restart_out/floatinginfo/FloatingMotion_mk13 you will find out that the information of surge,heave, roll of the part 100 (the last part) of the first folder CaseOpenFtMove_out/floatinginfo/FloatingMotion_mk13.xls
    file is not the same of the that information of the part 100 (the first part) of the restart case. Actually, for restart case, every thing is started from 0 (As you can see, the surge, roll and heave results are 0).

  • That is an interesting problem we are going to check to solve in the next release
    Thanks a lot for reporting that

  • Dear Alex
    Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to the next release.
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