MeasureTool - unexpected water height drop

Dear all,

in simulation of L-shape dam break, we encountered a problem with MeasureTool when measuring water height at probe locations.

For point measurement small discretization was chosen with greater number of points:

5.615 2.66 0.0
0.0 0.0003
1 1 1000

and particle dp in simulation was 0.008 m.

For measureTool parameters are:

-points data_points.txt -onlytype:-all,+fluid -height:0.5 -heightoutput:all -savecsv

where these parameters produce results that have unexpected drop in water height at some probe locations as can be seen in the picture (red is experiment and green is SPH).

Time discretization is 0.17 seconds, where it can be seen that only few time steps have that problem, compared to total number of measurements.

We managed to "solve" this problem when height parameter is reduced to 0.4, but that is not a solution we prefer because that also influences results at other probes.

Do you have any recommendation regarding this problem?

Thank you and best regards,
05.png 40.5K
04.png 37.1K


  • In one of threads ( I saw that you mentioned that there are some mistakes in ComputeForce, is it possible that the same problem could be with MeasureTool?
  • In 3D you should use -height:0.5
    In 2D you should use -height:0.4

    I would say that you have to tune VISCO of Artificial viscosity to analyse how that affects the results. In the case of dam-breaks the value of artificial viscosity varies with resolution.
    Please can you compare results with 0.2, 0.1, 0,05 and 0,01???

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