Visualization of results using tracerVTK and Paraview

Hey forum

I have two questions, the first being pretty basic but having a bit of a headache with it:

1) Could anyone teach me how to set the colouring of the air (gray gradient) in Paraview so I get the same result as the multi phase dam break?

2) The second question is about a feature I found described in here:

On page 22 "tracerVTK" is shown - I have not been succesful finding documentation on how to use it - could anyone show me or kindly tell me how I can read more about using it? And does it function with 2D simulations?

Kind regards


  • TracerVTK is not included in the online package yet

    About the colours in the visualisation we just plot "ID" with colours from Grey to White so that the mixture can be better observed

  • Thank you Alex, nice to know it was that simple. Here are my settings if anyone wants to replicate:

    And ah okay I see, looking forward to it being added then in the future. It could really improve the visual understanding of phenomena.

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