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hi, DualSPH engineer

i'am DualSPH V4.2 User!

so, I have a Question. Help me Plz....
XML Guide for dualSPH(PDF File)

Page. 16-MKConfig
Page. 21-setshapemode
•“real”: using the real coordinates
•“dp”: adjusting coordinates to dp
•“fluid”: operations with mk-fluid
•“bound”: operations with mk-bound
•“void”: operations with mk-void
page23-, , , ,<setmknextauto

Please explain precisely.

thank you....


  • Hi,

    Q1, Q2, Q3

    Please explain precisely

  • Hello @e8korea2 ,

    If the parameters used in GenCase are confusing, You might want to first try to design your model with the DesignSPHysics. It takes care of many of these parameters for you, and it generates an XML file which you can examine to get a feel for what the parameters mean.

    Honestly, it can be difficult to explain the parameters you list beyond the examples provided in the XML_4.0_GUIDE.pdf, but sometimes the best way to learn what they mean is to change them in your case XML (or the case XML of the examples) and see what the result of the change is. That's how I (and many of us, I imagine) learned what those parameters are and how they work.

    Since there have been other questions on the forum about those parameters, it might also be helpful to search for the terms individually within the forum. The developers and the community have provided more nuanced explanations of the parameters you list above, so this forum is a really good resource if you're confused about any particular parameter.

    Best wishes,
  • Hello,

    Please excuse my rudeness before !
    What I meant was that it would be easier for people to answer you precisely if you give us some explanations and context. What is it you are usin SPH for ? What exact problem are you encountering ?

    In any case, I strongly agree with Nick's advice.

    Best regards,

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