Particle chaos during closure of tank?

Hello guys!

Have any one been able to simulate the closure of a tank without experiencing this phenomena?

This happens a few time steps after the tank has been fully closed, suddenly particles "explode" and get very disorganized.

The white box has a prescribed velocity in the x direction, which closes the opening off. Any suggestions for some settings to tune?

Currently I am using symplectic scheme, Wendland kernel, LES-SPS and double precision. Hoping to hear some of your experiences.

Kind regards


  • LES-SPS should be used only in 3D cases and with high resolution, so please try to use artificial viscosity instead.

  • I will try using the artificial viscosity now then Alex, thank you. I will test different values. Would you mind explaining a bit why SPS-LES should only be used for 3D? Is it because turbulence is a 3D phenomena in reality? High resolution is understandable since that would be, I assume, the implicit filter used in the LES method.

    Thanks for your comment.
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