Convert .bi4 into .stl?


I want to simulate a scouring process via multiphase. The max. possible time and water volume dont suffice to represent the task properly. So I want to start a new simulation, but with the position of the sediment particles from the one before. Thus, modelling a constetutive scouring process using multiple simulation runs.
I thought that might be possible by implementing the last .bi4-file into the next simulation (maybe as a .stl-file). Is that possible and if yes, could someone give me advice on how to do that?
Thank you very much in advance!!

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  • STL is only a format to define 3D geometries... so no information about velocity, density, or other SPH variables can be stored there...
  • Ok, thanks. Is it possible to do what I described on some other way?
  • If you want to restart a simulation, please read:
  • I conducted a restart computation in combination with the liquid-sediment-code.

    I get the error message:
    *** Exception (JCfgRun::ErrorParm)
    Text: Parameter "-partbeginn:100" unrecognised or invalid. (Level cfg:0, Parameter:5)

    In the DualSPHysics3.4_LiquidSediment_Help.out file its written that the parameter -partbegin can be enabled in the batch script.

    Is it generally possible to combine a restart simulation with the liquid-sediment-code?
    Or might there be some wrong formulation in my batch script?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!
  • You should ask Dr Georgios Fourtakas since he is main developer of the liquid-sediment-code

    @gfourtakas ??
  • Hello
    I want to simulate "Sediment Transport in seebed with wave maker (or wave generator)". Is it possible I do it in multi-phase case?
    how I make a piston wave in multi-phase? is it possible?

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