All the particles are leaving the boundary

Hello everyone,
I'm simulating a flow inside a pipe. I used fill algorithm and used Paraview to verify that the geometry is filled with particles. However, when I impose force field ( like in examples/main/ExternalForces) all the particles leave the domain.
I tried to make the domain bigger but it did not help. I don;t know what I'm doing wrong. Please help me!


  • Did you order your objects correctly? If you generate your pipe first and then place your fluid, it could overlap and overwrite your pipe (If you placed them on exactly same location). You can fix this by shrinking the fluid a bit and not allowing the edges to overlap, or by generating the fluid first and then overwriting the boundaries by the solid pipe.

  • So that someone could help you need to see your initial data:
    Case_Def.xml and force filled file
  • Smaller dp seems to resolve the problem. Now, I have all the particles staying inside the domain, however, when I disable gravity and apply force field through an external file, particles do not move.
    I applied this field directly on the fillbox. Is that why nothing is moving? Because when create a block of fluid instead of a fillbox, particles start to move.
  • External forces are applied to a give "mk" and that does not depend on how they were created... they only need to be a set of fluid particles

    If you have problems when using lower resolution with a complex container please the example REDRAWGENCASE explained in

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